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A Little Bit About Me.

Hi! My name is Alexia Sloane. I am 10 years old and blind. However, I think if you continue to read you will see that my blindness has not stopped me from doing quite a lot.
The past two years have been particularly busy.

I live in Cambridge UK with my mother, father and younger sister and I go to my local primary school although after this summer I will be going to the secondary school of my choice.

In 2009 I won a trip to Disneyland and went there in May 2010. Follow the link to some pictures of me there.

I love reading and writing (especially poetry) and In 2010 I won the Onkyo International Braille writing competition. Follow the link to read the poem I wrote about how Braille empowers my life.

In 2010 also I got GCSE French (A) and Spanish (A star). I am very lucky because my Mum is half French and half Spanish and she has spoken to me all my life in these two languages. I am also learning Mandarin Chinese and learning to read and write it using the Pinyin alphabet.

Also I won Young Achiever of the Year award (Cambridge) which really surprised me.

The next section is about the acting and interviews I have done:

In 2010 I was interviewed on BBC Radio 4 (twice) in connection with winning the Onkyo prize and also on Heart Radio in Cambridgeshire.

Then in January 2011 I did a presentation on The Sarajevo school for the blind in front of 350 people in the Guildhall, Cambridge to commemorate the Holocaust. I enjoyed doing the research for this. I wish I could visit the school!

Then the RNIB contacted me to star in their promo film for World Book Day. This was a truly amazing experience! Follow the link to view the film.
I was also interviewed on ITN Anglia News for World Book Day (Follow the link to watch some of this) and on BBC radio in East Anglia.

Apart from reading and writing, I love singing. Here are a few of the things I have done:

In 2010 I sang solo in Kings College Chapel with Kings Junior Voices (one of my choirs). Follow the link to hear a bit of the concert.

I also won a national Braille Music award and was accepted into Great St Mary’s choir in Cambridge. I was very excited about this as it is a very good choir.

Here are the music exams I have passed:
2009 Recorder Grade 1 (Distinction)
2010 Recorder Grade 2 (Merit)
Singing Grade 1 (Merit)

I don’t like sports very much except for swimming and skiing. In 2010 I got a 400m swimming certificate and in
2011 a skiing medal (level 1) from the French School of Skiing. Follow the link to see some pictures of me skiing.

That’s all about me for now. More will follow.

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  1. you are very courage girl and i love you so mutch

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