Anything's Possible! – Website created by Michael Sloane, Alexia's big brother.

The sun sinks low,
It lies down so
The moon can take its place
And give light to the human race.

The colours are red and orange and gold,
They spread as the sunset begins to unfold.

It’s so quiet,
It’s so silent
So the bells of the sunset
Are even more pleasant.

The sky is now a deep midnight blue,
Which holds the bond between night and you.

Oh, Goddess of the sunset,
Oh, God of ages passed,
Come together as the sunset
Begins to get very vast.

Now the sun begins to rise
And presses the moon back down,
Removing any dark frown
From angry people’s faces.
Dawn is here,
So let us sing some praises.

The pink and gold are dazzling,
They fill the sky above,
The dawn is the time to show true love.

Oh, Goddess of the dawn,
Oh, God of the sun,
Come together as the dawn
Fills us with praising song.

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