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The Lyrics of Music

This is this years entrance to the Onkyo Braille Essay writing competition, for which she won last year with her acrostic  poem Braille, see above.  She is one of the 5 UK finalists this year.

The Lyrics Of Music

Music is the light that guides many people on the journey of life, blind people in particular, because hearing is one of our greatest assets.  Braille music is the medium we use to interpret the language of music.

Here is a poem for each letter of the musical alphabet:

A for Arpeggios and Allegro

My fingers jump from note to note

On the magical dancing dots

Along the path to music

And they dance lightly on the instruments

Following the trail of Braille music.

B for Beat and Bravura

My heartbeat boldly works by music,

Which is the essence of my life

Music would definitely be a treat

In the afterlife of any God’s chosen wife.

C for Crescendo and Chorus

When I hadn’t yet been introduced to Braille music

Which is now the centre of my life,

I didn’t have a life.

But now that I have I can proclaim

That my existence is not blooming in vain.

D for Diminuendo and Dolcissimo

When my life began,

It was an invincible gang,

Which roared and soared around me,

And now that that feeling is lessening

Braille music puts me gently into a deep musical sleep.

E for Echo and Ensemble

The notes of happiness flow through my veins,

They echo gently like musical rain

They echo through my brain

And fill me with joy

Oh, there’s nothing like Braille music to be my favourite toy!

F for Fortissimo and Finale

Oh, what a forte resonance!

The orchestras of life

And the choirs of England and France

Are playing and singing their stance as if in a trance

And Fortissimo is their brand new law.

G for Gavotte and Grazioso

I dance a lively gavotte

I’m not sure if I’ll ever stop!

But although I am moving like a bop

Braille music will always help my balance,

And wherever I am, in England or in France

It will definitely enhance my prance.

Even if for sighted people Braille can be described as “that incomprehensible load of dots”, our magical alphabet has real meaning in every subject we study.  Whether it’s mathematics, languages, science, art or music, Braille is always our guide.  Without it, we could not partake in any aspects of life, educational, social, artistic and the like.

Written by Alexia Sloane, 10 years old, ½ English, ¼ French and ¼ Spanish.

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