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Interview with Stephen Hawking

Pictures of Alexia interviewing Stephen Hawking in April 2014 at the Centre for Mathematical Sciences in Cambridge. An absolutely incredible and very humbling experience. At the end of the interview, Alexia got to play the prologue of her novella to Professor Hawking via her Braille computer who has a very similar voice to his own computer! The video of her interview, together with the interview she also did with the Vice Chancellor of Cambridge University, Professor Sir Leszek Borysiewicz, will follow shortly.

Hawking 1 Hawking 2 Hawking 3

Musical Composition – Entitled ‘Timeless”

This is a piece I recently composed for a composition competition entitled ‘Jessica Foxley‘.

Jessica Foxley_Page_1

Jessica Foxley_Page_2Jessica Foxley_Page_3Jessica Foxley_Page_4Jessica Foxley_Page_5

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