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Red and White

Red and White


The battlefield lies open

Its mouth a hoard of lies.

And now the men come riding

Terror is the horses’ eyes.


The heavens thunder their lament,

The flowers, they retreat.

But still the hooves, they pound

And beat and beat and beat.


The clatter of a merciless gun

Tears horse and man apart.

And now not even prophets hear

The beating of a heart.


A child observes from far,

His eyes are filled with awe.

And then he murmurs to the field,

“What is the purpose of war?”


“You will never understand,”

The emptiness replies.

“But don’t worry: your heart beats

So you just close your eyes.”


See, people of the world,

How war can kill the light?

So save the children, save yourself

And instead of red, wear white.

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