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Timeless and Meditation

If you have been following this blog you will know that Alexia has been working on a few pieces of music.  They have finally been performed and recorded and uploaded for your listening pleasure.

Alexia’s first choral piece, Timeless, was written last February for the Jessica Foxley Choral composition competition. It was premiered by The Chamber Girls Choir of Great St Mary’s University Church in Cambridge, where Alexia is a chorister, on Sunday 2nd November, at an All Souls Evensong Service. Alexia wrote the lyrics as well as the music.

Written in memory of Jessica Foxley 19th March 1988 – 25th July 2009.

If you would like to see the score to “Timeless”, we posted it earlier and can be seen here,

The Judge’s comments:
‘This is a bold and unusual setting of your poem. I particularly like
your strange and unexpected harmonic shifts. The use of notes of the
“black-note pentatonic” scale at bar 9 is inspired, and perfectly suits
the ‘dancing flames’. The refrain ‘And every time I
do…’ haunts the piece – you use it well structurally’.

Following that fantastic piece is one called Meditation.

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