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Braille – Acrostic Poem

For me, the alphabet I read and write with is a golden light of success. Here is an acrostic followed by a poem for each letter of the word “braille.”

B for beautiful and breathtaking :

Braille is beautiful,
I tell you it’s,
So breathtakingly beautiful,
It amazes me to bits.

R for remarkable and resplendent :

This alphabet is such an invention,
It’s more remarkable than anything else,
So be so good as to believe the verse which is coming next.

The people who don’t use it,
Say it looks like jewels galore,
And for me,
So like my guiding and protective sword.

A for artistic and animating :

Braille music is a dream,
A river of fun,
A golden stream.

It animates my very soul,
It’s so artistic,
I feel like it’s my highest goal,
To read braille music properly and well,
Would become my best musical blood cell.

I for inspiring and intriguing :

Braille gives me ideas for adventures,
It’s the most useful guide I’ve got,
But it also intrigues me more and more
When it comes to the magic plot.

How Louis Braille put it about,
Is it possible to find out?

L for learning and living :

Without my braille I would not,
Be able to learn the plot,
Of education and of books,
No I wouldn’t,
So braille’s a brook,
Of hope and life and happiness,
And without it,
I could not get a good business.

Braille helps me with everyday life,
Like reading, writing and the like,
Each tiny dot is a magic pupil,
It helps me see a different way,
So this is what I say,
It’s perfect!

L for liberating and lyrical :

If braille did not exist,
It would be like carrying a dungeon around with me,
For eternity,
If braille left me for one moment,
I would feel like my life was an ever harder maze to finish,
And in the middle,
A dark and dusky finish.

When I am writing my story,
The lyrics of braille inspire me,
They flow through me like a river of life,
Nothing can penetrate it,
Not even the knife,
Of teasing and taunting,
It’s the centre of my life.

E for enriching and encouraging :

Braille is a piece of gold,
A charm of hope,
I love it to hold.

A stream of courage,
A private moment,
It always encourages me,
Like an invisible best friend.

Here is a poem to conclude this essay :

The dots I feel are so perfect,
They feel like tiny jewels,
If braille did not exist,
I know I would always fail.
Every dot is like a seed,
The seed of life on which I feed.

Braille is my friend,
Braille is my guide,
So listen to what’s coming next,
Praise the man whose great mind did not rest,
Until my friend,
My best source of fun,
Emerged from his imagination.

How proud I feel,
To be part French,
And share with the King of Braille,
The nationality which carries me,
On a fine golden sail,
of reading, writing and music,
To Louis Braille all hail !

538 words on print copy or 521 words in Braille

Written by Alexia Sloane, aged nine.

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  1. Alexia Brownsey said:

    I am trying to figure out what to have for the X because for the E I had excellent

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